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Playwrights vs Directors and tiny new saplings: Who gets ownership of new plays?

One thing I’m increasingly interested in debating and mentally chewing over is the role of the playwright in rehearsals, the relationship between the creatives and the play, and in a broader sense the concept of shared ownership and authority over … Continue reading

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Who the Fuck is Rachel? Or: Take reviews with a pinch of salt

I recently spent time with a group of very talented playwrights, and one of the many running jokes that developed from our conversations is the ringing refrain: “Who the fuck is Rachel?” This said by a playwright who received a … Continue reading

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Absence / Blogging for Graeae

I have been ridiculously lax in keeping this blog updated, mainly because I’m somehow managing to blag fairly regular actual writing work. I have two plays on in this month’s VAULT Festival and a short on off-Broadway next month. I … Continue reading

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On chronic illness, agoraphobia, FOMO, self-care, spoons, and probably a bunch of other stuff…

It’s not something I really write about (yet?) but I have the genetic condition Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, which causes amongst other things frequent joint dislocations, pain and fatigue. I’m mostly sort of okay and I look mostly sort of okay, but … Continue reading

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Why I Write About Rape

Jodie Foster made a brilliant and much-needed statement recently about the over-reliance male writers/directors have on rape as a plot device and explanation for female motivation. I agreed with her, but then I felt uncomfortable, since I’ve used sexual assault … Continue reading

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This gallery contains 8 photos.

(L-R, a rehearsal shot, on stage with the cast, having my hair and makeup done, cast and crew at the afterparty with bonus! Rob Shearman for some reason, with casting director Caley Powell, the programme, leaving stage door, the auditorium.) … Continue reading

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Early adventures in feminist theatre

Since my dad passed away I’ve been looking through some of his old photo albums, and found some snaps from the first shows I ever wrote, back in middle school. It’s funny but in hindsight, feminism was kind of a … Continue reading

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