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WWLKD? In praise of pushy women.

The other day I tweeted something calling myself “pushy” which got quite an interesting reaction, and it made me think about gender politics.* I was raised in a way that is perceived as stereotypically quite male. My father was a … Continue reading

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Proudly Messy, or: Fuck Your Conditional Mental Illness Acceptance

I’ve been having a lot of conversations recently about mental illness stigma in theatre/acting, and the steps being taken to combat it. Everyone seems to agree it’s important. But everyone is so damn obsessed with proving how ‘okay’ they are … Continue reading

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Emma Watson’s breasts are not a feminist issue, or: Feminism is not the Hunger Games

I’ve identified as a feminist since I was about nine, so you’d think I’d be thrilled with the fact feminism is so very much on everyone’s lips these days. And I am, but gosh is it bringing some problematic shit … Continue reading

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Yet more ramblings on Measure for Measure

I went to see Ophelia’s Zimmer at the Royal Court recently (a play set entirely inside Ophelia’s bedroom, exploring what her off-stage life is like and reducing Hamlet to a minor character). During a Q&A afterwards I wanted to ask … Continue reading

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Why I Write About Rape

Jodie Foster made a brilliant and much-needed statement recently about the over-reliance male writers/directors have on rape as a plot device and explanation for female motivation. I agreed with her, but then I felt uncomfortable, since I’ve used sexual assault … Continue reading

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Do Not Write This Film

During my years as a solidly working but not very successful actress, I used to do the rounds of the film school graduation projects every spring. This meant reading dozens of student film scripts and casting breakdowns. (Not to mention … Continue reading

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On Shakespeare and Gender – some ideas

So, I’ve decided to start blogging. Expect a lot of theatre talk, Shakespeare, feminist ranting, and discussion of GLBTQ issues. Oh, and pizza, probably. For two years I’ve been running the all-female Little but Fierce Theatre (which primarily does Shakespeare … Continue reading

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