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WWLKD? In praise of pushy women.

The other day I tweeted something calling myself “pushy” which got quite an interesting reaction, and it made me think about gender politics.* I was raised in a way that is perceived as stereotypically quite male. My father was a … Continue reading

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Dear Dr (a message to Healthcare professionals treating self harmers in hospital)

Originally posted on The perks of being a dinosaur:
I’m a regular in my local, that probably doesn’t sound unusual or uncommon except I don’t mean my local pub I mean my local a&e department. Like around 1 in 4…

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Absence / Blogging for Graeae

I have been ridiculously lax in keeping this blog updated, mainly because I’m somehow managing to blag fairly regular actual writing work. I have two plays on in this month’s VAULT Festival and a short on off-Broadway next month. I … Continue reading

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Do Not Write This Film

During my years as a solidly working but not very successful actress, I used to do the rounds of the film school graduation projects every spring. This meant reading dozens of student film scripts and casting breakdowns. (Not to mention … Continue reading

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Thinking out loud about Macbeth: abortion, xenophobia, and witchhunts.

This is a sort of thinking out loud brainstorming (ugh, corp-speak) thing where I blurg out a lot of inchoate thoughts and incomplete research that might one day end up being part of a play. Indulge me. Thoughts always welcome. … Continue reading

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A short autobiographical Christmas story, inspired by the Sainsbury’s Mog ad

The Loving Parents placed the star on the tree, and stood back to admire it. It has taken hours, but it was perfection. The baby at their feet crawled over to get a better look, pawing at the pile of … Continue reading

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Pathways into Shakespeare, aka How Netball Saved My Life Yesterday at rehearsal we got into a discussion about first experiences with Shakespeare/how people became Shakespeare fans, and I thought I’d do a little blog about it. When I was a … Continue reading

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