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WWLKD? In praise of pushy women.

The other day I tweeted something calling myself “pushy” which got quite an interesting reaction, and it made me think about gender politics.* I was raised in a way that is perceived as stereotypically quite male. My father was a … Continue reading

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Proudly Messy, or: Fuck Your Conditional Mental Illness Acceptance

I’ve been having a lot of conversations recently about mental illness stigma in theatre/acting, and the steps being taken to combat it. Everyone seems to agree it’s important. But everyone is so damn obsessed with proving how ‘okay’ they are … Continue reading

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So I walked out on an audition: disability access and discrimination in acting

So last week I walked out of my first acting audition in a year and told the panel to remove my application. In theory I quit acting when I started getting enough writing work to prove a full-time job, removing … Continue reading

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The Great Class Debate in Acting

So everyone and their mother has waded in on the Great Acting Class Debate and I guess I’ve ranted about it in my head enough to feel compelled to chip in. I was reading this Guardian article and what really … Continue reading

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